Welcome to the Yoga School at the National Personal Training Institute of Ohio!


We'll soon be implementing our industry leading hybrid teaching training program. 

More details to come.

Veterans-Use your GI-Bill benefit to take our program!


Tuition and Fees

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Class Schedule

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Our Course

What if Teacher Training was Yoga studying? What if training was more like exploring? What if training was more about discovery of self, of yoga, of culture, of community? This our Yoga Teacher Training.


Designed to be both academic and experiential our trainings are for individuals who desire more than just the skim knowledge that a typical public class often provides. For instance, you won't memorize sets of movements, rather you will learn to create sequences that fit the needs of your students and understand why they do. So for those that want the information and inspiration but not the pressure to perform, this training is for you. 

How is our program different? Many students may find the current standards for yoga teacher training lacking in consistency and oversight in some areas and this dearth in professional standard often yields under qualified teachers taught by under qualified teacher trainers.


It is our sincere endeavor to upgrade and standardize the process of qualification and support for yoga teachers. Our program standards seek to streamline and improve the process of training teachers by providing a set curriculum, standardizing examinations and providing local support. Our course of study is comprehensive, academic and expansive.